Water Heater Repair and Installation

Hot water in your home or place of work serves many purposes; from providing you with a warm bath to relax in after a long day to delivering the hot water with which you wash your dishes. There are many other applications for hot water in your home or business premises, which makes your water heater an integral part of your property and your day-to-day life. Whether you require repair to your existing heater or a completely new heater in your home or office, we are the experts for the job! 

The best heaters for the job
When we supply you with a new water heater, we ensure that we only supply you with the best quality product. Our team has spent years both testing and assessing the many options available to our customers so that when you purchase a water heater from Yonkers Plumbers, you receive the best heater for the job. Our team analyzes your water heater requirements to provide you with a bespoke solution that will guarantee you always have the right heater for you. Our installation process also takes into account several factors that will determine how best to proceed and ensure satisfaction. 

Repair done right
As we have mentioned above, a water heater is a crucial part of your property and needs to be repaired in a way that safeguards you against future issues. We conduct a full, in-depth analysis of the symptoms displayed by your water heater and communicate these to you, before commencing with work, so that we not only offer the best repair but also keep you informed about what work is being conducted. We utilize the finest tools, which are fit for licensed plumbers, and deliver the best results on every job that we undertake.  

How to identify that you need a water heater repaired
Depending on the type of heater that you currently possess, you may encounter any number of issues. If you have a gas heater, you may find that the heater’s pilot light is malfunctioning and that there is a complete loss of heat to your water. You may also have a faulty gas line to your heater, which is not only problematic but can be hazardous to you and the other inhabitants of your premises. All heaters may also suffer from leakage, which can be both easy or difficult to find. The best way to check that your heater is malfunctioning is to check if it is performing its intended purpose – heating your water. Whatever the cause may be, the result is always the same; your water is not running hot or becomes cold quickly.  

Why Yonkers Plumbers
At Yonkers Plumbers, we have a deep understanding of water heaters in their entirety, be they gas or electric. We also have a comprehensive knowledge of the peripherals that work with or help your heater to function. Our team of friendly, licensed plumbers guarantees quality work in every project that we work on and our tools and equipment are top quality and maintained to deliver the same level of quality across all of our work. Our number is available below – we are eagerly waiting for your call!