Boiler Repair

A boiler is used to heat water or liquid, which creates steam. The steam that a boiler creates can serve many functions, as it heats both the air and water in your home. Boilers use less energy than other heating mediums, making it a great item to have in your house if you are looking for function at a fraction of the cost as compared to other heating mediums. Steam is also more efficient than plain air heating methods because it is far denser than air. Not only is a boiler a cheaper way of heating your home, but the steam that a boiler creates is considerably safer than other options, such as gas heaters.  

How often should you conduct maintenance on your boiler?
A boiler system is a crucial part of your home, providing an efficient, safe, and affordable heat source. How often then, should you do maintenance on your boiler? Simply put, your boiler requires annual maintenance to maintain efficiency. What happens if a boiler is not maintained regularly? A boiler that is not serviced regularly can lose its ability to provide any heating whatsoever and if not service correctly, can become indisposed entirely. Our licensed plumbers are well trained in boiler maintenance and repair and take great pride in providing our clients with great service and warm homes! 

What are the common reasons for a boiler breaking?
Given the importance of a boiler in your home, you should keep in mind a few of the ways that your boiler could become broken or require maintenance. If your boiler has lower than ideal water pressure, it can break. Similarly, if there is too much air in your boiler or your thermostat is faulty, your boiler may break. Faulty maintenance or repair can cause a boiler to break, though using licensed professionals such as Yonkers Plumbers will guarantee against breakage due to negligence.  

Other aspects to consider
Boilers are not the only crucial aspect of your home’s heating. The system that connects your boiler to the radiators that provide your home with heat as well as the radiators themselves requires care and repair consistently too. A radiator, for example, might require bleeding if it becomes faulty, even when your boiler system is functioning fully. When hiring a plumber to conduct maintenance or repairs on your boiler, it is important that they look at the entire boiler system and not just the unit itself. Yonkers Plumbers employs only the most experienced technicians to ensure that you receive an all-inclusive package and not just a quick fix that won’t stand the test of time.  

Our guarantee of excellence
If you are looking to have maintenance or repairs conducted on your boiler system, you should consider looking for a plumbing service that has a strong track record in this area of specialty. Using unlicensed or under-experienced contractors or plumbers can have dire consequences and set you back both in time and cash. Our team at Yonkers Plumbers has worked tirelessly to ensure that we offer only the best results in any work that we do and our work on boilers is no exception! Call us today for a quote on maintenance or repairs on your boiler!